Photograph Art

Photograph portrait art is a growing trend in the life blossomed. Beautiful portrait, it is the portrayal of success in part or whole character’s personality through photography techniques. And anyone who has contact with the photographer knows that the most difficult thing in portrait photography is to capture the “spirit” of the characters. This requires […]

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Family shooting

Family is the most sacred for two hours with each person. The family is where parents, who raised my care since there is a little comedy. Bigger the better you’ll understand the importance of family.   Not just a place where you can share every feeling, it was a warm roof for you when difficulties […]

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Wedding videographers

Wedding is an important event in life. The wedding has great significance in the tradition of Vietnam marriage. This is the highlight of every life that when we look back, we will feel the sanctity of emotional couple. Go along with the desire to preserve the good values of marriage Hattan studio would like to […]

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